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Vegan Fashion

Sileather silicone fabrics are engineered for vegan fashion from source to finish, to provide animal-free and durable vegan leather for a sustainable future.

A Vegan leather that combines durability, keeping elegance for daily use, and sustainability to add to your design!

  • Vegan by the 100% food-contact silicone

  • Inherently stain resistance to make maintenance easy

  • Machine washable

  • Cracking or peeling worry-free

  • High abrasion resistance


Vegan Bag


Contributes to long-term service life for footwears under different condi

  • Vegan by the 100% food-contact silicone

  • Inherent waterproof & PFAS Free

  • Stylish with different texture

  • Flex Resistance

Vegan Shoes

Luxurious hand feel and non-allergenic material for a better wearing experience!

  • Vegan by the 100% food-contact silicone

  • Design for many occasions, including outdoor wear

  • Non-allergenic & Skin friendly

  • Worry-free of cracking or peeling

  • PVC & PU Free, odorless

Vegan Apparel

Sileather silicone fabric's vegan and sustainable are added value for your products!

From Source

Sileather’s adopted raw material is sourced from silicon- the second most abundant element present on earth after oxygen, a mineral found in soil and sands in nature. Significantly reduce dependence on fossil energy.

From Sustainability

The total reclycled content of Sileather can reach up to 90%. Check our sustainability report!

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