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Sileather is a world leading brand for silicone coated fabrics and textiles. With years of experience, research, and development, Sileather has been able to combine the power of silicone with a wide variety of substrates to create products in many different industries and applications. 

Sileather has redefined silicone fabrics and continues to innovate with its natural durability, chemical resistance, skin friendly,UV light resistance, environmentally conscious construction and production, natural flame resistance, etc. Excellent performance such as easy cleaning and eco-friendly, is widely used in all walks of life: hotel interiors, office furniture, commercial contracts, medical, sports, shoe materials, electronic accessories, luggage and so on.

We are always looking for new partners for cooperation with a collaborative approach. 

  • Agents, distributors, sales partners, part-time/full-time, etc. can join

  • Our company provides professional training services, technical service support, and solves all the problems of order and after-sales.

For potential collaboration, please contact us today!

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