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Sileather® offers a wide selection of colors and designs for your car interior upholstery. Sensational, luxury, eco-friendly, odorless.

FMVSS302 certified for commerical applications



Sileather® Marine is our marine grade collection, designed for extreme environment with exceptional performance. 


Long lasting, waterproof, and UV protection

Outdoor & Recreational

Sileather® gives you the perfect alternative to leather for outdoor and recreational use.


PVC/PU free, animal friendly, and weatherproof, while maintaining the charm of leather-like texture



Uniquely designed for medical and healthcare institutions, Sileather® guarantees both comfort and health safety.


Easy to clean, bleach cleanable, withstands healthcare cleaners. HHI participating material


Public Seating

Stadiums, theaters or other public seating require high abrasion resistance and ultimate comfort.


Sileather® delivers the best performance of stain protection, comfort, and durability



Sileather® serves as the most loyal and reliable partner to restaurants, bars and hotels.


With trending designs and customizable service, Sileather™ is easy to clean, waterproof, and stain resistant.


Baby Products


Starting from the very beginning, Sileather® fabrics focus on the health of your child.


Our fabrics are skin friendly, non-toxic, and easy to clean so you can be rest assured about your loved ones




Sileather® silicone fabrics are constantly evolving to meet the needs of all our clients, and with our aviation line, we can create upholstery for your commercial or private aviation needs

Sports Wear

Not only are Sileather® fabrics used as upholstery, but can be used in high-performance sporting competitionsa


Sileather® fabrics' unique texture and elasticity make it the perfect fabric for sports.



High durability and easy cleaning make Sileather® the optimal choice for railway seating upholstery.


Silicone fabrics are naturally flame resistant, stain resistant, and anti-mold/mildew so maintenance is always simple

Ground Transportation


Easy to clean with a super soft touch, Sileather®, is also odorless and skin friendly.

Stain and flame resistant, Sileather is commercial ready for trucks, buses, and other vehicles


Vegan Fashion

100% vegan and animal-free leather alternative made by food-contact silicone.

Sileather delivers a high durability, premium vegan option for designers and manufacturers for vegan bags, vegan shoes, and vegan apparel.

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