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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sileather meet any business standards?

Sileather is proud to be ISO 9001 compliant so that our working standards are of the highest quality and that we utilize best business practices. All of our research and development is manufactured, created, and tested by us to ensure the highest quality control and accountability of our production process. We verify additional testing through certified third party testing facilities.

How is silicone leather different from PVC and PU?

Silicone leather is a unique fabric and its properties are different compared to traditional polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabrics. Silicone leather does not use plasticizers, which are often found in PVC products. Silicone has many advantages over PU and PVC as it does not break down under UV light, deteriorate in cold temperatures, has no odors, and maintains consistency and shape over time.

Can silicone leather be welded or cut?

Due to the nature of silicone, the silicone coated surface (top) can not be RF welded or high frequency heat pressed, but the backings can be glued/welded. We recommend that our fabric be sewn together in the majority of cases. Sileather® can be laser cut as desired.

What types of backing cloths are available?

Silicone leather is highly versatile for many applications, thus we have bidirectional elastic cloths, 4-direction cloths, and non-stretch cloths. There is a variety of backings available: polyester, cotton, microfiber, and hybrid. Contact us for special requests or requirements.

Is there custom printing?

We use digital printing for our designs. We can screen print your logo on the finished product. Silkscreening is available, but only with our specially designed silkscreen ink.

How is Sileather® an environmentally friendly product?

Our product and engineering team has adopted a solvent-free production process in the creation of Sileather®. Our fabrics contain no PVC or PU elements giving us a unique eco-friendly approach to fabrics. We do not have to use or add chemicals such as plasticizers, phthalates, heavy metals, BPA, or formaldehyde. In addition, our fabrics are inherently resistant to many outside forces like flame, UV, salt water, and mildew, so we do not have to add any chemicals that can hurt our environment. Our ultra-low VOC emissions, which is proven by our compliance with RoHS, REACH, Cal Prop 65, and CAL 01350, gives us an extra edge against the competition as Sileather® creates no indoor air pollution. 

Sileather™ is animal friendly! No animals or animal elements are used in our fabrics. Sileather® is your choice in vegan fabrics!

What chemicals should be kept away from silicone fabrics?

It is recommended that hydrocarbon solvents (gasoline, kerosene, fingernail polish, etc.), hair dye, benzene solvents (mineral spirits, varnish, rubber cement, etc.), and cyclosiloxane oligomers. 

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