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Nautical industry has high requirements of the performance of fabrics to withstand the using condition: e.g. UV resistance, anti-mildew, hydrolysis resistance, temperature resistance, etc... due to the environment of high UV, humidity, rain and varying temperatures.

Sileather creates a most appropriate cover fabric to perform well under the marine environonment as details below:


**** Please ensure you are purchasing marine-grade products for marine or outdoor applications. Speak to your representative to confirm the color is suitable for marine use.



Upholstered furniture for both indoor and outdoor for boats, yachts, and cruises; Wall coverings


Our benefits

For outdoor:

Silicone's molecular bonding provides UV resistance, extreme temperature resistance (high and low),

Silicone’s low surface tension provides resistance to stains,

Sileather adopts plasticizers & a solvent-free production process. Therefore, it does not provide an environment for the growth of pink stains, and is worry-free of hydrolysis of the coating;


For indoor:

Sileather’s inherent fire resistance passed IMO A.652 (16) Part 8, 3.1-3.2

Ultra-low VOCs to promote the healthy indoor air quality

Key Specifications:
  • Lloyd's Register Certified

  • Flame resistance | IMO A.652 (16) Part 8, 3.1-3.2

  • Over 200,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek)

  • Easy to clean, bleach cleanable

  • 1000 hours+ salt fog resistant | ASTM B117-2016

  • UV resistant, 1500 hours+ | ASTM D4329-05

  • Skin-friendly | FDA GLP specifications for skin irritation

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