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Ground Transportation

Soft and supple, high durability, healthy interior air, and easy to clean - These characteristics makes Sileather® silicone fabrics the choice for trucking, industrial machinery vehicles, buses, and RVs. 

We know these industries are hard on fabrics, so you need an upholstery that will last and endure the harsh treatment it will receive. It doesn't matter if you have keys in your pockets, wallets, zippers, tools, or jeans, Sileather® is tough enough to deal with it all. Wearing jeans often cause denim dye stains on the fabric and the stains won't be easy to be removed. Sileather® products naturally has a superior stain resistance and even stubborn marks such as denim dye or coffee, ketchup, permanent marker ink can be easily wiped away. 

Advantages and Features

Unique soft hand touch feeling is incredibly soft on your skin

Our silicone fabric is tough and will last through jeans rubbing, dirt, grime, and harsh temperatures

Excellent color fastness so that the fabrics will not fade, even after sitting in a hot vehicle all day

Sileather® fabrics passed many physical abrasion tests so you know you can depend on our quality

FMVSS302 certfied

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