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A question that is often asked of us is: "What is silicone leather?"

Sileather® silicone leather is a coated fabric, similar to PVC (vinyls) and polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics. However, that's where the similarities end and the differences begin. Silicone leather is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coated fabrics, with a long list of benefits and advantages over these other types of fabrics. Sileather® is produced with our very own silicone raw material that has been developed and refined for many years. 

What exactly is silicone and what is the advantage?

Silicone is in the middle of being an organic material and an inorganic material, and is categorized as an elemental polymer material. Its molecular main chain is mainly composed of a -Si-O-inorganic basic unit, with its side chain connected through the silicon atoms and other organic groups. Therefore, silicone can have both the stability of an inorganic material with the elasticity and plasticity of organic materials.

The most prominent performance of silicone materials is the high health-safe advantage, as the material is widely used for baby pacifiers. Another performance characteristic is its extreme ability to endure a wide range of weather conditions. Silicone can be used as an outdoor window sealant for up to 30 years. Many skyscrapers around the world rely on silicone sealants for superior temperature resistance and strength. Performance is maintained within the -40° ~ 200° centigrade temperature range in long-term use. Silicone also excels in performance as electrical insulation, stain resistance, flame resistance, etc.


Silicone basic characteristics: stain resistance, weather resistance, waterproof, durable, safe and nontoxic, chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Sileather® uses all of these benefits and qualities of silicone in its silicone fabrics, so you know you are using a fabric that is safe for babies and elders, freezing temperatures to desert climates, and commercial settings to the inside of your home.

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